Experience, an in-depth knowledge of routings and destinations, together with an accurate selection of all chosen suppliers (hotels, guides, airlines, restaurants). Guaranteed the extremely good value price/ quality of all Caldana services, which make them popular across Traveller from all over Europe. With their privately owned GT coaches, Caldana Tour Operator provides direct control over all business sides of the Tour.


Caldana Europe Travel connects over 190 locations in the North and Central Italy and 30 locations in Europe with many departure cities. The itineraries of organized trips of Caldana Europe Travel are studied and developed with great care, attention, professionalism and, above all, experience to allow in-depth guided tours, interspersed with moments of freedom to satisfy individual interests as well. Our safety conscious approach to tour operating, together with our non – stop 24/7 assistance always given to clients, make Caldana Europe Travel one of the most reliable and well-organized travel company.


Passion inspires Caldana Europe Travel in creating tours which unveil the most authentic and most memorable side of the countries we bring people to. The itineraries are often theme-based and offer the chance of a cultural and social discovery.


Caldana Europe Travel, is represented in the Middle East by TourMEon, a Tourism Consulting partner for all your tourism projects – specialized in build a day by day partnership with client from the Middle East. Through these Partnerships we will spearhead calculated and strategic sales and marketing initiatives to promote, identify and develop marketing strengths, tapping into lifestyle trends, and opening doors for tactical alliances. Our strategic and creative thinking helps our clients achieve measurable results and in turn, meet their business goals. TourMEon offers as well a range of personalized tourist services and offers customers the opportunity to personalize their travel and tour itineraries with the help of local and established international agency partners.

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