Tourmeon is pleased to announce a new partnership with FlyDubai, the airline based in Dubai.

Flydubai recently expanded its network of flights with the launch of new destinations in Italy with Naples and Catania, flights operate from Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.

Why should you flight with FlyDubai via Tourmeon?

  • Safety
  • Passion
  • Team
  • Simplicity

Tourmeon has partnered with Flydubai to bring incredible value and experiences to residents of the UAE. This new partnership is part of the commitment to deliver added consumer benefits as well as reach wider audiences by offering discounted ticket to Italy (Naples & Catania), in fact we aim to build connection with customers and offer larger-than-life experiences.

Ticket fees starting from 1500 AED!

To avail the special rate for Catania and Naples, please feel free to contact us at

WHY FLYDUBAI? Flydubai currently flies to more than 90 destinations in 48 countries, committed to removing barriers to travel, creating free flows of trade and tourism and enhancing connectivity between different cultures. The region is well-recognised as one of the most dynamic markets for aviation and is expected to grow by up to five per cent by 2036. It is considered one of the highest forecasted growth rates with passenger numbers expected to rise to half a billion. Flydubai celebrated recently 10th anniversary, and they are growing the airline sustainably, open up to previously underserved markets, invest in fleet and cabins to offer to passengers the latest innovations on board and a better travel experience.


Napoli in Italian, is the third-largest city in Italy, located in the Campania region in the southern part of the country. It’s about two hours south of Rome, on the coast on the northern edge of the Bay of Naples, one of the most beautiful bays in Italy.

As cities in Europe one of the oldest, Naples has a rich history to discover. Start by visiting the city’s castles built to house royals and defend from foreign invaders. Naples’ wealth of cultural assets is extraordinary. You’ll find two royal palaces, three castles, and ancient ruins that include some of Christianity’s oldest frescoes.


Naples is also known as the land of Pizza, for its wines and for its rich, decadent desserts, such as zeppole, a doughnut-like pastry served on St. Joseph’s Day and Easter. It’s also the home of limoncello, a lemon liqueur.

The most important festival in Naples is the San Gennaro Feast Day, celebrated on September 19 at the Cathedral with a religious ceremony and procession and street fair. On Easter, there are many decorations and a big parade.




Catania, the second largest city in Sicily, positioned in the shadow of Mount Etna, the most active volcanoes in the world, on the island’s eastern coast. Catania’s unheralded delights are worth exploration: fine architecture, amazing food, bustling markets, lively cultural events and centuries of history dating to the city’s beginnings as a modest Greek colony.

While Catania has a public transportation system, its centre is small and very manageably explored on foot, allowing you to match the unrushed pace of life and enjoy the narrow stone streets.


Catania is an ideal destination for foodies. It has two fabulous markets, the Fera o Luni in Piazza Carlo Alberto and the pescheria (fish market). The latter sells not only fish but vegetables, meat, cheese, and street food. It also has some stunning restaurants, gelaterie, café bars, and street food vendors.

The Festival of Saint Agatha is the most important religious festival of Catania, Sicily. It commemorates the life of what is the city’s patron saint, Agatha of Sicily. It takes place annually from 3 to 5 February and on 17 August. Indeed it is the first most important religious feat in Italy and the 3rd in the world.




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