High-standard luxury properties across the globe.

Our Luxury Villas & Chalets are luxury properties that have been selected keeping in mind the high standards of individuals who prefer private secluded holidays with all the services and amenities fit for royalty, all over the year.



Whether it is summering by the ocean or skiing in the mountains.

With a selection of properties available for every season, our Luxury Villas & Chalets offers you the best chalet rentals at some of the top ski resorts in the Alps during the winters, as well as summers spent by the sea or on a secluded island and villas in Europe.


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The client comes first.

A team of dedicated staff are selected to make your experience worry free and genuinely cater to all your requirements. Guests can request for customized experiences with world-renowned chefs, charter rentals, butlers, chauffeurs, private jet transfers, helicopter tours and other exclusive services and the team is ready to accommodate their precise demands at the highest standards and discretion.

Our Luxury Villas & Chalets cater to the elite and have a provided guests with a very high level of satisfaction as well as unforgettable experiences. The company prides itself on the offering of complete privacy, nothing matters more to them than privacy of their guests and this is how they have maintained the relationship with both clients and owners.

Our Luxury Villas & Chalets are represented by TourMEon, a travel & tourism consultancy partner for all your tourism projects. TourMEon offer a number of customized tourism services and give clients the opportunity to customize their travel itineraries and tours with the help of the agency’s well-established local and international partners.

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